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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

This agreement contains all of the relevant terms and conditions necessary for the AlpReleaf Affiliate Program. This is a legally binding agreement between Green Gold Health SA and the affiliate and all AlpReleaf affiliates are required to comply with these terms.

This agreement represents the entire agreement between us and will trump any and all prior oral or written agreements. 

For the purpose of this agreement the terms “followers” and “subscribers” shall be used interchangeably. The terms “you” and “yours” shall refer to the affiliate and the terms “we”, “us” and “ours” shall refer to Green Gold Health SA (referred below as: “GGH”). 

The AlpReleaf Affiliate Program is part of the company GGH.

These terms and conditions are attached to some of the automatic emails that you will receive and they can always be found by going to your affiliate Dashboard→Training Material→PDF Training Documents.

If you’re not yet part of the AlpReleaf Affiliate Program, you can apply on: https://alpreleaf.ch/become-an-affiliate/. With the submission of your online application, you agree that you have read the following terms and conditions and you agree to be legally responsible for all points listed. 

Beware that our products may not be authorized in every single geographical territory depending on where your followers or subscribers are located.

2. Legal situation

The legal situation between you and us does not in any way amount to a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or an employment relationship.

3. How to become an affiliate

To become one of our affiliates you must apply by creating an account on this page: https://alpreleaf.idevaffiliate.com/login.php. Your profile will be reviewed promptly for validation. If your account is not validated you can re-apply at any time. However, we do recommend that you perform some changes on your profile in order to boost your chances.

4. How to use our affiliate program

You can log into your account at any time to track your clicks and referrals at. Once your account is approved, you will receive a 50% coupon valid for the purchase of two of our products. Once you purchased two products using this coupon, the coupon will cease to be valid.

Should you need anything else or have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team at affiliates@alpreleaf.com.

5. Your Obligations

5.1 Promotional restrictions

As promotional material with AlpReleaf or its brand name could be interpreted by our customers as a business partnership, it is essential that any of your campaigns or advertising practices be in line with our values.

You may not design or produce a website in a manner that resembles any of our own (https://alpreleaf.com, https://alpreleaf.ch, https://alpreleaf.fr, https://alpreleaf.de, https://alpreleaf.it, https://alpreleaf.es) or use software downloads that would impact directly or indirectly the commission payments made to you or to other affiliates. Moreover you cannot promote the sale of our products at a higher or lower price without our explicit written authorisation.

To become and stay an AlpReleaf affiliate you must not under any circumstances: promote violence, sexually inappropriate or suggestive material, illegal activities, or discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, religion, age or sexual orientation. You must not promote to minors products that are intended and reserved to adults. 

During your affiliate activities you may not engage in promotion that could be assimilated as spamming or unsolicited commercial messaging. This includes but is not limited to: email, texts, whatsapps and other types of messaging platform. When promoting our brand and product, you cannot conceal or misrepresent your identity and your contractual relationship with us. Furthermore, when you undertake affiliate marketing activities you must always clearly state that the content is sponsored. 

Moreover, you cannot make any general medical claims. For instance, you cannot promote that our products can cure serious diseases such as cancer. Additionally, you cannot claim that our products can be used as substitutes for a medically prescribed treatment or medication.

However, you may communicate about your personal experience with our products. As every person may react differently to our products, we do not recommend that you draw any general conclusions regarding any medical use of our products. 

To avoid confusion, you may disclose that your communications do not constitute medical claims. 

In any case, all claims (medical or not) made directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly, do not engage us in any way. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless AlpReleaf and GGH as well as its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, shareholders, partners, members and other owners against any and all claims, actions losses, demands, liabilities, damages, judgments, settlements, costs and incurred expenses, in as much as such losses are the results of your participation in the affiliate program, our use of the you data provided, or your non-compliance with the terms of this agreement.

5.2 Competitive restrictions

Competitors include all businesses active in the fields of: 

  • CBD cosmetics
  • CBD oils

Should you interact with any of our competitors, you shall refrain from discrediting, diluting, belittling our company, regardless whether such unfair behaviour is direct or indirect, explicit or implicit. This unfair competitive behavior is prohibited for the entire duration of this agreement and after termination of this agreement. 

5.3 Confidentiality

Business, financial, technical and customer information disclosed during the period of the agreement, or as part of the affiliate agreement, will remain the sole property of the disclosing party. Either party will not disclose this information without express written permission. This obligation will remain in force after the contractual relationship between the parties ends

6. Intellectual property rights

We own all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how or any other rights connected to the service or software necessary for the service. You will not acquire any rights or licenses whatsoever under this agreement other than to use links to our website and market the discount codes according to the terms of this agreement. We reserve the right to terminate your role in the affiliate program if you infringe any copyright materials, trademarks or intellectual property rights that are not your own.

7. Commissions

7.1 General

Your commission is calculated by summing up all transactions and sales you contributed to on a monthly basis. You can also request a personalised coupon code with a discount for your audience. We reserve the right to cancel your commission if the order made through your affiliate link is canceled by the customer or by us. 

Once a commission is generated thanks to your efforts, it awaits our approval. The commissions are approved when we receive the payment for the concerned order from our customers and once we ensure they comply with our general terms and conditions. You will then receive an email informing you that the commission is approved. Pending commissions do not make you eligible for payment until they are approved by us. 

Since wire bank transfer is proposed as a payment method for our customers, it may take some time before the payment for the order is received. Additionally, it may happen that our customers do not make the payment. In these cases where a customer does not pay, your commission will not be approved nor paid. Please note that we check commissions every day. 

All commissions will be paid by wire bank transfer. If you change your bank account, you must inform us as soon as possible to enable us to send your payment correctly.

7.2 Two level commission structure

We work on a two level commission structure. 

Level one 

If you generate €5’000 or less worth of sales turnover you will receive a 20% commission on each sale you contributed to. If the customer used a coupon or that the selling price benefited from a temporary sale, the commission will be 10%. 

Level two 

If you generate €5’001 or more worth of sales turnover you will receive a 25% commission on each sale you contributed to. If the customer used a coupon or that the selling price benefited from a temporary sale, the commission will be 12.5%. 

Temporary sales include but are not limited to: black friday sales, cyber monday sales, christmas holiday sales. 

7.2.1 Example

Imagine you generate €3’600 (level one) worth of sales in July and €5’800 (level two) in August. You will receive a commission of €720 (20% of €3’600) in August and a commission of €1’450 (25% of €5’800) in September. Provided that none of the sales you generated have been subject to the use of a coupon code. Every sale subject to the use of a coupon code will receive a 10% commission at level 1 and 12.5% commission at level 2. 

7.3 Opportunity to receive a bonus during the first three months of being our affiliate

You will receive 3€ for each new customer you bring during the first three month of being our affiliates. This three months period starts when we validate your profile. A new customer is one that purchases our products for the first time.

7.3.1 Example

If your account is approved on July 1st you will have this bonus opportunity until September 30th . In July, imagine you generated €1’500 of sales turnover and that 10 customers were first time buyers. In August, your commission will be worth 330 (20% of €1’500 + 10 x 3€).

7.4 When your payment is made

Your payment will be made between the 15th and the 20th of each month. Each payment is made for the commissions earned from the previous month.

7.4.1 Example

If you generate €3’000 between August 1st and August 31th, you will receive your commission of 600 (20% of €3’000) between September 15th and September 20th.  

8. Cookies

Affiliate links rely on cookies to track sales. 

Only affiliate links can be used to track sales. Incorrect use of affiliate links will make it impossible to track references and in turn, track and approve your commissions. 

Cookies used as part of the affiliate program have a one year duration. Only users who make a purchase while their cookies are active will be considered referrals of the affiliate and be recorded as such. If a potential customer clears their cookies during this period, we will not be held responsible for the fact that the commission will not be traced to you and consequently no commission will be recorded nor approved.

9. Termination

Either parties may end this agreement at any time, without just cause. 

For the termination to become effective, we must give you prior written notice. 

If for a period of 60 consecutive days you do not manage to bring new customers,  we reserve the right to terminate this agreement. 

We may terminate this agreement immediately should any of these terms be violated.

To terminate this agreement you must either give: i) written notice or ii) simply close your account. 

When closing your account, the following will apply: 

  • you may close your account at any time;
  • closing your account is assimilated to the termination of this agreement and serves as notice of termination. 

In any case, upon the written notice for termination and/or the closing of the account, you will receive your final payout, provided that your balance shows at least 50€. No outstanding commission payments will be due if your account is terminated due to the violation of this agreement.

9.1 Obligation post termination

Once this agreement between us and is terminated, the affiliate must promptly (2 working days) remove all of our promotional material from their website and may no longer use any of these materials. This obligation survives the termination of the agreement.

10. GDPR Compliance

If you use a website as part of your affiliate marketing activity you must include a privacy policy stating how the data of the users is processed and stored. Any third parties you use should be disclosed in this policy. This policy should also include an explanation of any cookies you use. Overall, this policy should comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We reserve the right to review your privacy policy.

11. Reserves and amendments

We reserve the right to change the percentage of the commission, the minimum amount for payout and account creation commission at our discretion and at any time and without any prior notice. If any of these kinds of changes occur, we shall immediately notify you by email.

12.Governing law and jurisdiction

The courts of Switzerland shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement. This includes but is not limited to its conclusion, validity, binding effect, amendment, breach, termination.

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